Mold Services

No matter where you are, Maid It Clean can help.

With over 200 locations nationwide, Made It Clean is the best mold remediation company near you. Our mold specialists understand that mold affects houses and businesses differently according to the area you’re located.

What exactly is mold?

Mold is a general term for thousands of types of fungus that can easily grow on almost any surface in a structure. All that needs to happen is for the temperature, moisture and light conditions to be just right and before you know it, you can be dealing with a mold infestation. Not every kind of mold is toxic to humans, but you should still be wary of its presence in your home because it can eat away at surfaces like wood and drywall. Over time it can affect the integrity of your structure even if it’s not a harmful strain in terms of respiratory effects.

As certified professionals, Maid It Clean can help with mold removal and remediation.


Mold Removal

Mold can destroy your property and destroy your health if untreated properly by professionals. 


Mold Testing

Is it safe or is it toxic? Let our expert come out and do a full assessment of your mold problem.


Mold Remediation

Just bought a new property? Let us remove the mold so that you can begin your renovations.



When You're Faced with Water, Fire or Mold Damage, Time is Not on Your Side.

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