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Sanitize Your Home or Business

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, we at Maid It Clean are committed to the health and wellbeing of our community. For the safety and protection of your employees, customers and their families, we offer sanitizing services for businesses, property managers and residential homeowners to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus.

Maid It Clean’s sanitization protocol includes preventative and decontamination services.

How We Work

What's In A Protocol

Certified AdvantaClean professionals will arrive on-site to perform your sanitization service wearing proper safety gear (PPE and respirator masks).

Our cleaning protocols have been vetted by hygienists from around the country and reflect the most effective virus neutralization and removal methods known. As we learn more from the CDC and other reputable sources, our protocols are modified to reflect the best practices.

The Services We Offer

Preventative cleaning (in areas with no known exposure to the virus) includes sanitization and mechanical cleaning of horizontal surfaces and common touchpoints such as doorknobs, computer keyboards and operational plumbing fixtures with microfiber cloths and an EPA-approved disinfectant solution.

Decontamination (in areas with known or suspected exposure to the virus) includes:

  • Fogging of the work area volume with an EPA-approved disinfectant to force airborne contaminants to settle on flat surfaces

  • Sanitization and mechanical cleaning included in the Preventative service


When We Work

Maid It Clean can perform sanitization services in your facility when personnel is not present, typically after standard business hours or while all employees are working remotely.

This sanitization service is solely intended to reduce risk and not meant to guarantee safety against the virus. We recommend everyone follow general safety recommendations and the advice of medical professionals regarding the prevention of infections.



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